Capture and share a piece of your screen™
We are continuously trying to make the application better and to further develop the total concept. Lots of special options will be introduced in the future. Stay tuned to for more information. We love to read your feedback on the website or the application. Please do so by using the Feedback option on the website. We are always looking for ways to improve GrabOut™ to make it even better!

Outpost11™ is a project by Outpost11, a fast-rising Dutch online company formed by several online, media and advertising professionals. Next to developing tools like GrabOut™, Outpost11 is working for big brands in the Netherlands and abroad. They provide online strategy plans and creative concepts. Outpost11 can build any (un)thinkable application, website or online service. Want to get in touch or get more information? Visit

Easily grab and share a piece of your screen with a friend